Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things to Know About Lexus Mountain Viper Skis

Skiing is an adventure sport that calls for gear that suits your style and ability and is safe to use, as well. Where you ski plays an important role in determining the type of skis you choose. Options include mountain skis, park and pipe skis, powder skis and carving skis. You also will benefit from using skis that are tailored to match your ability as a beginner, intermediate or advanced skier. Look for the right ski size depending on your shoe size. Most ski manufacturers, including Rossignol, offer a variety of skis, such as the Mountain Viper and other dualtec skis. Understanding the features is the key to make an informed choice.
Lexus Mountain Viper
Rossignol's Lexus Mountain Viper skis are versatile models that have been designed to meet the needs of the advanced female skier. They are highly stable and capable of making medium to long radius turns with ease. They also provide agility and maneuverability while maintaining grip and power. As the name indicates, the skis are ideal for mountainous terrains and conditions.
Dualtec Technology
Most Rossignol skis, including the Lexus Mountain Viper, come with central dualtec technology. These skis include the durability and rebound of the cap construction and the optimum longitudinal flex and rigidity of curve associated with sandwich sidewall ski construction. The rigidity and longitudinal flex of your ski are responsible for the resistance of your ski against bending and determine the amount of energy you have to put in to turn your ski. The sandwich sidewall skis consist of a dense heavy material in their sides that makes the skis stiffer and improve their edge grip. The cap skis, on the other hand, do not have the dense sidewalls but are lighter and less susceptible to damage. The dualtec technology, however, ensures a smooth ride and consistent edge tracking along with comfort. The top half of the Rossignal Mountain Viper skis has the cap construction for energy and rebound. The dualtec technology also raises the sidewalls of the ski higher in the center of the ski for additional power.
Other Dualtec Skis
Along with the Lexus Mountain Viper skis, other Rossignol skis, such as the T-Power Cobra, the Experience series and the Temptation series, also come with the dualtec technology. These skis, however, vary in other factors such as the ability level and gender. For example, the T-Power Cobra is designed for the intermediate skiers while the Experience 83 skis are for men with advanced or expert abilities.
Price and Availability
Most Rossignol skis with dualtec technology, including the Lexus Mountain Viper, are available at your local ski gear and sport equipment stores. The Experience and Temptation series and the Lexus Mountain Viper skis for advanced skiers cost about $600 to $800. Dualtec skis for intermediate level skiers may be cheaper, with prices ranging from $150 to $300.

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