Saturday, January 14, 2012

Things to Know About Kickball Fun

Kickball is a fun playground or gym class activity that plays similarly to baseball. However, in kickball, players kick a rolled rubber ball instead of swinging a bat at a pitched baseball. Kickball's simplistic rules open it up to a number of creative variations. These can make the game more fun and interesting.
Mat Ball
In mat ball, four large floor mats replace the traditional kickball bases. The kicking team competes in pairs. One player kicks the ball, and both players run to the mat together. Players are safe as long as they're standing on a mat, and they can remain on a mat as long as they want. They can also leave the mat whenever they want -- even before the ball is pitched -- but once they step off the mat, they must run to the next mat. There are no force-outs at bases. To record an out, the defensive team must catch a fly ball, tag the runner with the ball or hit the runner with a thrown ball.
Activity Kickball
This kickball variation forces the kicker to perform a designated activity at each base. For example, the kicker kicks the ball and runs to first, where he has to perform 10 jumping jacks. Then, he has to run to second, where he must bounce a basketball 10 times. After that, it's off to third base, where he has to solve a simple puzzle before running home to score. The defensive team must field the kicked ball and throw it to the first baseman, who must perform the same activity. He then throws the ball to second, where the second baseman must perform his activity. The ball must go around the bases in the same fashion and beat the runner home to record the out.
Crazy Kickball
In normal kickball, players run to first base, second base, third base and then home. In crazy kickball, players run to first base, then across to third base, then up to second base and then to home. Crazy kickball also gives each side six outs, and any taken pitch counts as an out. Because of the greater distance between bases, teams can have up to five players on a single base at one time.
One Base
This kickball variation features only one base or mat that is placed where second base typically sits. The kicker must run out to the base and back to score a run. The player may elect to wait on the base if he doesn't think he'll be able to make it home safely, but he must run on the next kicked ball.

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