Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things to Know About Kajukenbo Skills

Kajukenbo is a type of mixed martial arts that combines aspects of kempo, karate, judo, jujitsu and boxing. It materialized in Hawaii during the late 1940s to the early 1950s as a way to win street fights. The techniques used in kajukenbo are employed separately or in combination to overcome an opponent.

Kajukenbo, used to win street fights, incorporates kicking as way to fend off an opponent by striking him without getting close enough to allow for a counter strike. Kicks help a kajukenbo fighter set up other hits as well. The varieties of kicks used in mixed martial arts allow a fighter to target different areas on an opponent's body. Front kicks are used as a self-defense tactic to injure an opponent’s groin, knees or chin. Snap kicks deliver more power and can take out the knee of your opponent. Stomp kicks mimic the movement used to knock down a door and are often used in the solar plexus area of your opponent as a way to knock the air out of him, allowing you to deliver other blows. Groin and liver kicks are kicking techniques used by experienced kajunkenbo fighters, as they take precision to hit the right spot.
Grappling techniques throw your opponent off balance, allowing you to use other maneuvers to win a kajukenbo fight. A clinching hold involves pushing and pulling your opponent to bring him down. Takedown techniques involve pulling your opponent's legs out from under him and winning the fight on the ground. A pinning hold occurs on the ground and involves holding your opponent on the ground and preventing him from getting back up. Submission holds require you to inflict pain on your opponent until he gives up. Choke holds and compression to the joints of an opponent are examples.
Punching is one of the basic techniques used in street fighting and kajukenbo. The techniques are also referred to as striking techniques. The different types of punching techniques require getting close to an opponent and delivering a blow, usually to the face or head. A jab is a basic straight punch and can be used while moving around your opponent. Straight left and right punches are more powerful than a jab and should be thrown as you step toward your opponent. Left and right hook punches cause a lot of damage when executed, but require practice and a close-range position. Punches are often used in combination with other kajukenbo techniques to throw your opponent off balance or slow him down.
Trapping is used in kajukenbo to hold your opponent in place while you deliver blows to win the fight. An effective trap requires getting close to your opponent and keeping him from getting away from you. Trapping may make it difficult to strike your opponent effectively, but kicks and punches delivered while he is trapped might immobilize him to the point that you win the kajukenbo match.

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