Monday, January 16, 2012

Things to Know About Good Putting Grips

Golf is a demanding game, and golfers of all abilities are looking for that added edge that will shave the final few strokes off their scores. Experimenting with different grip sizes and styles is essential for finding personal preference, which can lead to added confidence and a large mental advantage. Thinner putting grips allow the hands to be more involved in the stroke and promote a truer feel off the putter blade. Golfers must be careful not to allow the thin grip to alter their grip pressure.
Many golfers are seeking better feel around the greens. Whether it is playing a softer-core golf ball or adjusting their grip size, developing a soft feel and touch with their equipment is a priority for consistency and accuracy around the greens. Thinner putting grips provide this because there is less material between the hands and putter shaft. This provides added feedback on off-center hits as well as a crisp contact on puts struck in the center of the blade.
Many golfers feel that thinner grips provide them with an advantage on the greens because they sit easily in the lifelines of their palms. For golfers with overactive hands or twitchy muscles, thinner grips are not the answer, and many of these players actually opt for oversize grips in a variety of shapes, most usually either squared off or round. However, players with a smooth putting stroke and great nerves under pressure can benefit from the thinner grip resting easily in the lifelines of their hands.
Golf is a game of nuances and subtleties. Golfers can be good putters for a majority of their careers but suddenly hit a dry spell or slump. Often, these players need nothing more than a simple adjustment or a correction back to the fundamentals of their putting stroke. For some, however, new equipment is in order; for others, it can be as simple as changing the grip size to influence the feel and feedback of the putting stroke.
Many golfers are affected by poor mental performance. There is a poor putting performance stigma attached to unconventional methods like the long putter or using a cross-handed or claw grip; however, using a thinner putting grip is not in this classification of stereotypes and actually can help a golfer to gain confidence if she is confident in her process and methodology. Putting is almost all mental once the basic fundamentals are understood, and being comfortable with grip size can be conducive to success.

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