Monday, January 16, 2012

Things to Know About Good Golf Swing

Relying too much on your arm to hit long golf shots can result in a decrease in power and a misalignment of your swing during its forward movement. A golf swing uses many of the same fundamentals of other sport swings, such as those used in baseball, hockey and tennis. Letting your hips lead the way decreases your reliance on your arms for power and is key to creating a smooth golf swing.
Step 1
Place the ball slightly forward in your stance, or about an inch or two closer to your front foot than your back foot. This allows you to shift your weight into the ball, letting you use more legs, hips and trunk to swing the club, rather than relying on your arms to generate clubhead speed.
Step 2
Break your wrists backward as your first movement to start your backswing. This will release tension in your arms.
Step 3
Turn your shoulders backward to start bringing your club back. Bend your front knee down as you do this. Move the club backward with your shoulders and torso, rather than pulling your shoulders backward with your arms.
Step 4
Complete your backward upper-body rotation, letting your arms separate from your body with momentum, not muscular effort. Slow your arm movement slightly at the end of your backswing.
Step 5
Move your hips forward after you complete your backswing, shifting your weight onto your front leg. Straighten your front leg as you open your hips to create reactive power.
Step 6
Open your core and shoulders, letting your hips propel them forward. Your shoulders should bring your club forward, not arm effort. Pull your arms forward with your shoulders and torso, rather than pushing your shoulders forward with your arms.
Step 7
Turn your forearms over as your arms pass your torso to complete your shot. Let your wrists “snap” forward at the end of the forearm turn to align your clubface with the ball.
Step 8
Finish your swing with your club over your left shoulder, if you are right handed. Finish with your weight on your left leg and the heel of your right foot off the ground.

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