Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things to Know About Good Back Hand Tennis Swing

Mastering the backhand is essential for developing a well-rounded tennis game. Notoriously a weak skill for most tennis players, if you strengthen your backhand, you will raise your skill level above the rest. Improve your stance, arm position, weight transfer and follow-through, which will send a backhand shot back to your opponent with the power you need to win.
Keeping an open stance with your feet facing forward allows you to rotate your lead shoulder until it rests under your chin. This position sets up the shot so that the lead arm uncoils fully, increasing your shot's power. Rick Macci, tennis instructor for Venus and Serena Williams, recommends standing at the baseline and practicing the open-stance shots to familiarize yourself with the full-rotation, which requires some getting used to.
Single-Handed or Double-Handed
The two-handed backhand is often easier for a beginner with undeveloped arm muscles, but eventually developing a single-handed shot might be better for your health. Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in a 2001 study compared backhand shots and their level of strain on upper-body muscles. The study showed that the single-handed backhand with a long stroke puts the least strain on the arms and shoulders.
Weight Transfer
The transfer of weight from a low to a high position adds power to your shot. Position your legs similar to how they would look if you were sitting in a chair. Keep your center of gravity low in order to maintain balance. When the swing begins with the lead shoulder under your chin, push up and swing the racket up and out.
The final step for a successful backhand is follow-through. As you pull the racket around your body do not stop swinging after you hit the ball. Continue pulling the racket around to the lead-arm side of your body. The final position will vary depending on what feels comfortable. Victoria Azarenka, for example, pulls the racket around to the side of her head. You might decide to pull it near the level of your shoulder.

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