Monday, January 16, 2012

Things to Know About Golf Swing

Golf is a game of precision, and all golfers want to perform at their best, regardless of ability. The golf swing is one of the most complex motions in all sports, as golfers spend countless hours practicing their movements and refining their game. Left-hip resistance plays an important role in generating torque in the golf swing, which leads to greater power and accuracy. The key is to turn your hips and avoid sliding at all costs.
Backswing Power
The left hip plays an important role in the golf swing from the beginning. Golfers need to be sure their fundamentals are sound at address, and that includes a left hip that points 90 degrees away from the target, perpendicular to the target line and feet line. From this position, it is easy to turn the core and shoulders back away from the ball. This creates torque in the midsection and the initial resistance from the left hip.
Turning Point
Golfers need to make sure that they turn their hips on the backswing and not to slide or sway over the golf ball. Turning the core, hips and shoulders away from the body creates the torque and resistance needed to power through the golf ball. Sliding -- a common swing flaw among beginning and high-handicap golfers -- causes a massive power loss and leads to swing inconsistencies because it is not a repeatable move under pressure.
Load For Power
At the top of the backswing, the hands should reach out for the sky as the golfers body begins to unwind. The left hip -- which helped create torque through resistance on the backswing -- turns back toward the target, moving out and then upward. This motion creates a firm, flat left side and provides additional resistance for golfers to power through the golf ball at a high clubhead speed.
Practice Makes Perfect
Golfers can improve their left-hip resistance by working on their own, or with a certified golf instructor, on specific drills and motions. One popular drill has the golfer stick a pair of alignment sticks into the ground just outside the feet, then slowly practicing the swinging motion back and forth 10 times. This really ingrains the resistance felt by the left hip on the backswing as it stretches out, and on the downswing as the left hip stabilizes the left side and braces for impact.

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