Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things to Know About Golf Club Lies

When it comes to getting the golf ball exactly where you want it to go, the right lie angle for your clubs is vital. The lie angle is the measurement between the head of the club and its shaft. If your lie angle is off based on your height and swing type, your club won’t go in the direction you’re aiming it at. How you’re hitting the ball now can help you determine if your lie needs adjusting.
Club Direction
Think back to your last three or so rounds of golf and how you hit your clubs. If you felt as if your ball constantly went to the left of your shot with a hook spin, this could indicate your lie is too upright. A golf club with a flat lie will tend to move the ball to the right, giving it a slice spin. While a single bad day on the links doesn’t necessarily indicate the need to completely alter the lie of your clubs, establishing a pattern of misdirected shots can help you find what lie you need.
Putter Notes
Most putters have a standard lie angle of 71 degrees, according to “Golf Digest” magazine. This lie angle is for a person of an average height and body type. If you don’t have the standard body type, however, this lie can affect your short game. One clue your lie isn’t hitting the mark is when you find the heel or the edge of the club scraping the ground, which could indicate the need for a more upright lie. A too-flat putter lie can cause you to reach for the ground, which affects your accuracy. The directions of the putt can be similar to that of your other shots: too flat will go to the right and too upright will go to the left.
Talk to Your Golf Pro
Golf professionals or custom club fitters can evaluate your swing with your clubs to determine the appropriate lie for your clubs. While a custom fitting does represent a financial and time commitment, a professional can observe your lie angles as you hit the ball to offer expertise on appropriate adjustments. Correcting a lie angle won’t just adjust your golf club’s direction -- it also can change your posture in how you address the club.
Making Adjustments
Some club manufacturers are starting to include a lie bender with their clubs that allows you to make adjustments based on your and/or your golf professional’s observations. You don’t have to get an entirely new set of clubs if the lie angle isn’t right -- it is possible to retro-fit clubs by having them adjusted and bent to fit your needed club angle. When you have selected the proper lie angle, the angle will be the same for all clubs, from short irons to woods.

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