Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things to Know About Front Chest Role

Completing a front chest roll, also known as a forward roll, involves flexibility and strength. You should discuss body limitations with a health care professional before attempting to perform a front chest roll. With supervision, a padded surface and a cleared-off space, the basic components of doing a front chest roll are to start on your knees, then put your forearms on the ground and kick your legs over while landing safely.
Flexibility and Strength
According to USA Gymnastics, flexibility and strength will help perfect any gymnastics move, including the front chest roll. Before attempting to do a front chest roll, practice strengthening these areas with yoga and pilates. For example, try doing a bridge against a wall while straightening your legs. Another way to gain flexibility through stretching is to arch backward while standing and grabbing hold of your legs. By hold these positions regularly, your back flexibility will improve.
Starting Off
After mastering flexibility and strength, ask for supervision to get started with a front chest roll. According to the Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association, it is imperative to have supervision to avoid injuries when performing gymnastics because of the weight-bearing nature of most gymnastics moves.
According to Drills and Skills, a website devoted to gymnastics, a beginner should start on her knees and keep her torso straight when attempting a front chest roll or forward roll. Hold your arms out at your waist with your palms out. Since your palms and forearms will be holding your weight on the padded surface, avoid having lotions or oils on your hands.
After starting off in a solid stance, you can begin to adjust your weight in front of you on your forearms. Roll forward from the knee position, then roll over from the top of your thighs. Slowly roll your stomach and chest forward. Lastly, push your legs up off the ground. Your knees are now facing behind you as your toes are parallel to the floor. For safety, keep your head up at all times with your chin resting forward. Your arm should be on both sides of you holding you up. Gently land in the bridge position on your knees or feet.
According to Drills and Skills, gymnastic instruction should be taught in a controlled environment and in the presence of a qualified coach. To gain proper basic skill habits, seek professional guidance. Since one of the most important basic skills in gymnastics is a solid front chest roll, you must learn it properly. As this move progresses into a handstand, it is often used to generate roll speed during a floor routine. Without a safe and strong front chest roll, the majority of other skills will suffer.

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