Monday, January 9, 2012

Things to Know About Boxing Handwraps

In boxing, handwraps are worn underneath your boxing gloves to help protect the bones and tendons in your hands from injury. A tremendous amount of pressure is placed on the hands from repeatedly hitting training equipment and other boxers, so it is important to be protected. Boxing handwraps resemble bandaging used for sprains. When wrapping your hands, it is important that the wraps are tight, but do not cut off your circulation. Applying boxing handwraps seems simple, but takes some practice in order to get it right.
Step 1
Find the top and the bottom of the wrap. The Velcro should face up when you are finished wrapping. Many wraps will have the top and bottom marked.
Step 2
Place your thumb through the loop, then spread your fingers and pull the handwrap around the back of your hand.
Step 3
Wrap the handwrap around your wrist three times, then bring it around your thumb from underneath. Wrap it around your thumb two times.
Step 4
Pull the wrap back around your wrist and then your thumb. Do this a total of three times. Then pull the wrap up across your palm and around your knuckles three times.
Step 5
Wrap the handwrap back down across the back of your hand and around your wrist, then up over the back of your hand and between your middle and ring finger.
Step 6
Continue to wrap the handwrap down and around your thumb once again, then up and around your knuckles one more time. Wrap your knuckles two or three times, depending on how much wrap you have left. When you have just a little left, go back down to the wrist and secure the Velcro.

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