Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things to Know About Baseball Double Cut Run

Baseball coaches are always telling outfielders to hit the cutoff man after they chase down a ball in the outfield and attempt to get it back to the infield to prevent a runner from getting an extra base. When you hit the cutoff man, you throw the ball low and hard to a fielder who catches the ball and makes a second throw. A double cutoff -- or double cut -- occurs when two infielders are involved in the cutoff play following a long run and pick up by the outfielder.
Outfielder Action
Conduct fielding practice with your players. Hit a drive that goes to the right center-field wall. The right fielder has to chase the ball down, and have him sprint to get it. The second baseman will run to the shallow part of the outfield. He should be directly between the outfielder and second base.
Fielder Positioning
Direct the shortstop to line up about 10 yards behind the second baseman. When an outfield drive goes all the way to the wall, it is difficult for the outfielder to make a pinpoint throw. By having one infielder line up in the shallow part of the outfield and the other infielder behind him, one of the two should be able to make the catch even if the throw is not perfect.
Throwing the Ball
Instruct the outfielder to throw the ball in. The object is to get the ball to third base. On a ball hit to the wall, you are assuming the batter will get at least a double. The defense's goal is to keep the batter from getting a triple. If the second baseman catches the ball in the shallow part of the outfield, he immediately wheels and throws a strike to third base.
Instruct the shortstop to be aware on any overthrow and to catch the ball if it gets past the second baseman. The shortstop must alertly go after the ball with as much quickness as he can muster. He must pick up the ball and then wheel and throw it to third to prevent the triple or to help get the runner out if he overslides the base.

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