Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Techniques to Block Kickboxing Punch Conbos

Kickboxing coach Bill Packer, mentor to world champion Fernando Calleros, doesn't recommend blocking punches the way martial artists define blocking. A karate-style block takes too long to execute, leaving a boxer exposed for the follow-up punches in a combination. Rather, Packer and other kickboxing coaches teach their fighters to build a cage out of their arms, elbows and gloves to ward off flurries of blows. Combined with solid footwork, bobbing, slipping and weaving, this forms an effective defense strategy in the ring.
Step 1
Assume a strong kickboxing stance. If you don't know how to do this, get instruction before attempting the rest of these directions.
Step 2
Hold your arms up so that your forearms are parallel to your body, with your elbows in tight against your ribs.
Step 3
Angle your gloves slightly in so that the inside edge is barely touching your forehead. When a solid punch hits your cage, it will press your fists toward you. If your hands aren't already touching you, you'll get struck by your own gloves.
Step 4
Drop your elbows sharply downward to ward off body blows. Return your hands to forehead level immediately afterward.
Tips and Warnings
Condition your arms during practice by having a sparring partner throw punches at your cage. This will help you refine your angles and application until it's good enough for a live bout.

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