Monday, January 9, 2012

Speed Bags Vs Heavy Bags for Boxing

More than any other sports, boxers owe it to themselves and their families to get in top shape before getting into the ring with an opponent. In this sport, you are trying to hurt your opponent by delivering punches in combinations. He is trying to do the same to you. In order to deliver those punches and avoid your opponent's, you must get in fighting condition and hone your skills. Two of the most important tools are the heavy bag and the speed bag.
When you start hitting a speed bag, you are doing it for two reasons. You are trying to build punching accuracy and improve your quickness. These are factors that will make you more dangerous in the ring and help you defend yourself better. The heavy bag is designed to build punching power, punching technique and stamina. Fighters quickly learn that punching power does not come from just your shoulders, arms and fists. You have to use your legs, glutes, core muscles and chest when throwing power punches. The heavy bag will train you to throw those power punches and it will also help build your stamina.
The speed bag allows boxers to work on the accuracy of their punches in general and the left jab in particular. The left jab is the most important punch in boxing because it will keep your opponent off balance and it will help set up power punch combinations. Hitting the heavy bag regularly will allow a fighter to go into a ring with explosive strength. In order to throw punches that have the ability to stun or punish your opponent, you must learn how to throw the punch with speed and power. Working with the heavy bag on a regular basis in training will help you do that.
The speed bag has been used in boxing since the early part of the 20th century. One of the biggest proponents of the speed bag in workouts was Sugar Ray Robinson, who was a dominant boxer in the 1940s and '50s. Robinson used the speed bag every day in training and when he retired in 1965, he continued to use the speed bag on a regular basis. "I love to hit the speed bags," Robinson told "Los Angeles Sports Magazine" in 1976. "They don't hit back. I believe if I can work out everyday, I'll live to be 200." Robinson died in 1989.
There are obvious benefits that come with hitting the speed bag and the heavy bag in terms of accurate punching and power punching. The other benefits include improved conditioning and confidence. Boxers tend to hit both bags for three minutes at a time because that mimics the amount of time the boxer is in the ring against a live opponent. When a boxer can work the speed bag for three three-minute rounds and then hit the heavy bag for the same amount, the conditioning level will be high.
Boxers can get in great shape and improve their skills by training. Hitting the speed bag and the heavy bag are two of the most important tools to use in the process. However, you won't be able to put your talents to the test until you get in the ring against a live opponent. When you train to fight, you won't know where you stand until you start to spar regularly.

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