Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Kickboxing Styles

Kickboxing is a fighting art that utilizes kicks such as those found in karate and taewkondo, and punches found in boxing. Kickboxing is a physically demanding sport and can be dangerous when practiced as intended. If you are a beginner to kickboxing, observing basic tips and techniques will help you progress faster.
Making Proper Fist
Since boxing is a major component of kickboxing, making a proper fist is important to deliver punches effectively and avoid injury. To make a fist, hold out your hand and roll your fingers in, so your fingertips are in your palm. Wrap your thumb around your first two fingers and form a straight line with your wrist and forearm. If you notice that you bend your wrist often, use boxing hand wraps to offer more stability.
Kicking With Ball
The front kick is a move that may be delivered by the front or back leg. It can be used as a quick, range-finding kick or powerful kick designed to cause damage. A key element of the front kick is to make contact with the ball of your foot. To do this, you must extend your foot forward and bend your toes back. To get the proper feel for how your foot must be positioned, rise up onto the balls of your feet and notice how your toes are bent.
Shadow Kickboxing
Practicing all of the strikes, combinations and movements you know regularly is integral to your success in the ring. Shadow kickboxing allows you to work on your full range of skills virtually anytime you like. Imagine an opponent is in front of you and move the same way you would if you had to avoid being hit. Use all of your fighting tools, but don't use full power because you aren't actually making contact with a target. Combine your punches and kicks evenly, and practice in front of a mirror whenever possible to study your form and look for places to improve.
Heavy Bag And Sparring
Knowing what it feels like for all of your strikes to make contact with a target will help you immensely in an actual match. The heavy bag is the perfect tool to unleash your kicks and punches upon. Practice with full power to get a feel for how tiring it is to hit targets. Spend time sparring with a partner when possible, as well. Your techniques and combinations take on a whole new meaning when someone is actually trying to hit you back. Wear proper head and hand protection each time you spar or hit the heavy bag.

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