Monday, January 9, 2012

Shadow Boxing Workouts & Stratigies

Shadow boxing is an exercise used by boxers to prepare to get in the ring. When a fighter shadow boxes, he is practicing his fighting moves against an imaginary opponent. Without discipline, shadow boxing is almost always a waste of time. However, an experienced fighter who is following a plan can turn shadow boxing into a practice that helps conditioning, punching accuracy and movement skills.

Boxing Workout
When you start your training session in a boxing gym, you are likely to start out by shadow boxing. If you are a beginner, shadow boxing is almost always done in front of a mirror. Take your normal boxing stance and make sure your left shoulder is facing the mirror. Throw jabs and concentrate that you are using the correct form. When you snap out your job, make sure you are stepping forward with your left foot as well. Throw a left jab, left jab and right cross in that order. Add in the left hook, right uppercut and right jab. Do this for about three minutes before taking a one-minute break and repeating the drill.
Ring Workout
Experienced boxers do not have to shadow box in front of a mirror in order to get a great deal of benefit from the workout. By shadow boxing in the ring, you will add footwork to your exercise. Move around the ring as you shadow box. You are throwing punches, ducking, feinting and throwing combinations.
Ring Strategy
In the days and weeks leading up to a scheduled fight, you can use shadow boxing to practice the strategy and philosophy you will be using in the ring. If you feel like you will have to move quite a bit in your fight and use a stick-and-move philosophy, you can practice circling to the left, throwing your jab, following with a 1-2 combination and getting on the move again. If you are going to throw heavy punches, your shadow boxing routine will be more about establishing a strong base before you throw those punches.
Training Routine
Shadow boxing is often the first activity a boxer will work on when he heads into the gym. However, before going to the gym, the boxer will get his running in during the morning. This is usually a 3-to-5 mile run regularly referred to as road work. After shadow boxing, a boxer will often jump rope, hit the speed bag, hit the heavy bag, throw around a medicine ball to build strength and then do ab crunches. After taking a 5-to-10 minute break, the boxer will put his skills to the test by getting in the ring against an opponent and sparring. Both fighters will wear protective head gear and oversized gloves, but sparring provides a good test on how you are doing in your training.

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