Monday, January 16, 2012

Proper Leg & Feet Positioning in Golf

Proper leg movement and positioning at impact when swinging a golf club helps you to transfer weight and get through the ball on the downswing. Among the keys in successful leg positioning is the correct sequence in the unwinding that begins at the top of the backswing and continues until the follow through. Learn the basics of leg position at impact, and you'll hit the golf ball with greater power and consistency.
Proper Position of Feet
Ben Hogan, one of the best all-time golfers, writes that the proper position of the lower body at impact should first be addressed by looking at the feet. If your feet are not aligned in the correct way, ideal leg position at impact will be difficult, if not impossible. The feet should be oriented parallel to your target line. That is, a line connecting your feet and extended in the direction you're hitting the ball should parallel the line to the target from the golf ball. Additionally, if you're right-handed, your lead foot ought to be slightly open, pointing at 11 o'clock.
Avoid Hip and Lower Body Slide
Hips that slide away from the target during your backswing will also undermine your ability to find proper leg position at impact, according to golf teacher Andrew Rice. The takeaway in your swing should incorporate upper body rotation around your spine in order to avoid legs from being driven away from the target and weakened in their ability to drive forward in the downswing. Rice points out that the knee on the back leg can straighten during takeaway, but it should not move laterally.
From the Ground Up
The weight shift from in the downswing begins with the hips and lower body, leading a transfer onto the front foot, according to Hogan. He cautions against starting the downswing with arms and shoulders because of the way that approach will leave the legs behind and out of position at impact with the ball. Both knees should be oriented toward the target in the downswing, on the way to hitting the ball.
Legs Driving Toward Target
PGA professional Doug Hammer describes not only the leg position at impact, but the action of driving the legs toward the target as critical to generating greater power in your swing. The driving action of the legs help to complete the golf swing in the proper direction by clearing the hips quickly, increasing clubhead speed as a result.

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