Monday, January 9, 2012

Kids Amateur Boxing in South Jersey

Amateur boxing is a rigorous and demanding sport that can offer positive physical and mental health benefits to a child. The leadership and self-defense skills learned in boxing can last a lifetime. There are many kids programs available for those interested in South Jersey.
Kids Boxing Programs
LA Boxing, in Paramus, offers a kids program that aims to build self-defense skills, self-confidence, coordination and discipline. The All Star Boxing Club located in Cherry Hill offers a committed program designed as a kids group fitness class. The program aims to teach children the fundamentals of boxing. Classes are a mix of challenging games and fun workouts. The Dover Boxing Club located in Dover also offers a Junior Olympic-style boxing course for children ages eight through 16. The Dover club differs from other kids boxing programs, as it aims to train young boxers for Junior Olympic competitions.
Kids Boxing Gear
For kids boxing, you'll have to buy or rent gear for your child if you plan to practice at home. The equipment used for boxing includes gloves, punching bags and sparring headgear. LA Boxing, the Dover Boxing Club and the All Star Boxing Club all offer the gloves and sparring equipment necessary to complete the kids boxing programs on-site. LA Boxing also offers stores, on-site and online, through which you can buy boxing gear for your child.
Health and Self-Defense Programs
The kids boxing programs at LA Boxing and All Star Boxing Club emphasize the health benefits and self-defense skills taught by this aerobic sport. Both kids programs teach a combination of basic skills in boxing, kick boxing, Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts (MMA), incorporating exercises that challenge the entire body and develop coordination, poise and agility. Both the LA Boxing and All Star Boxing Club programs feature boxing lessons in self-defense, as well.
Competition-Focused Programs
If your kid gets really good at boxing, he can compete in national competitions. At age 10, children are eligible to compete in the Silver Gloves National tournament, provided they win the local, state and regional tournaments in South Jersey. At age 13 there are several national tournaments, such as the National PAL event and the Junior Golden Gloves tournament. Finally, for those kids who really go the extra mile, they may compete in the Junior Olympic tournament at age 15. The Dover Boxing Club and Gladiator Boxing, located in Forked River, are two of the more stringent programs dedicated to training young boxers to become Junior Olympic champions.
Benefits of Starting Young
The LA Boxing kids program emphasizes the benefits of starting boxing at a young age. According to LA Boxing's website, those benefits include self-confidence, coordination and discipline. The Kids Boxing Program at All Star Boxing Club treats the sport as a fun, stress-relieving activity that helps kids stay active, motivated and away from negative influences.

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