Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Janesville Popular for Hiking Trails

Janesville, Wisconsin, is home to a number of hiking trails. When hiking in Janesville, you have your choice of short, long, steep or flat trails. Some of the trails are relatively easy, while others are recommended for experienced hikers. When choosing a trail to hike in Janesville, keep your skill level in mind so that you avoid selecting a trail that is too challenging.
Janesville has a number of easy hiking trails. These trails are great for families and hikers of all skill levels, according to Eric Hansen, author of "Hiking Wisconsin." Rock River and River Walk are two common trails for beginners. Both hikes are less than five miles and feature paved and gravel sections. River Walk features a playground for children, which is a good option for children who need to take a break during the hike.
Janesville has a number of intermediate trails. These trails are good for experienced adults and young adults. The intermediate trails are not recommended for children under the age of 10, according to Hansen. Rockport Park is an example of an intermediate hike. It is seven miles long and unpaved throughout. The terrain of the Rockport hike is steep and hilly. Wildlife such as deer may be seen during this hike.
If you're an experienced hiker and interested in a challenging hike, Janesville offers several options. Ice Age trail is a popular 30-mile hike full of hills, ponds, prairies and marshes, according to John Morgan, author of "50 Hikes in Wisconsin." Bathrooms are available along the way. For people who want an even longer hike, many of the trails connect to another trail. For example, the Ice Age trail connects to the Emma Carlin trail, which is 25 miles.
Bring hiking supplies such as water and snacks high in protein to provide energy. Hiking boots are important, especially for steeper trails. You might want to bring a portable GPS system if you intend to hike one of the longer trails. Having a working cell phone is important in case you become injured during the hike. It is a good idea to tell someone of your plans before going on a challenging hike so that they know when to expect you back.

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