Saturday, January 14, 2012

Increase Athletic Strength & Power With Catalyst Workouts?

The Catalyst Athletic workout is designed to increase strength and power. It is primarily a weight-training workout program designed to increase strength for athletes who depend on power. While other aspects of fitness are included -- endurance and quickness training among them -- the bulk of your time when engaged in the Catalyst program will build greater strength and explosiveness. Catalyst training is a demanding program that is usually best worked by itself. Trying to combine the program with other fitness work may result in overtraining injuries.
Step 1
Follow the training cycle present on the Catalyst Athletics website. Every Monday, Catalyst Athletics presents a workout program for the upcoming week. There is no charge for following this program.
Step 2
Follow the load/set/reps prescriptions that are offered on the website. The Catalyst Athletics program often requires high intensity, multiple sets and high reps. For example, you will be asked to do at least 75 percent of your lifting capacity when you do a snatch exercise. You will also be asked to do two sets and five reps. Catalyst Athletics refers to lifting capacity as "rep max."
Step 3
Use the tempo prescription that Catalyst Athletics offers with each exercise. For example, when you are doing the bench press, you might see the number "3020" next to the exercise. That means you have three seconds to lower the weight and then two seconds to bring it back up again. This is vital toward executing the Catalyst Athletic exercises in the correct way.
Step 4
Modify the workout if you are struggling with the "rep max" percentages listed with each exercise. If you are new to the program, or if you are recovering from an injury, you may not be able to execute the exercise to the level the program requires. Don't try to lift more than you are capable of lifting.

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