Friday, January 13, 2012

Important Things to Know About Little League Baseball

A runner can steal a base in Little League baseball, but there are rules covering this situation that differ from the rules that govern baseball played at higher levels. Because Little League is designed to be a scaled-down version of Major League Baseball, a runner is not allowed to lead off from a base and can attempt to steal a base only after the pitch reaches the batter.
Step 1
Assume a stance on the base with one foot against the base and the other planted firmly on the ground. Both feet should point toward the next base and the knees should be flexed to generate speed as quickly as possible.
Step 2
Watch the pitcher release the ball and determine when the ball reaches the batter. Push off the base with the foot in contact with it as soon as the ball reaches the batter.
Step 3
Sprint toward the next base without looking at the catcher. Your eyes should be focused on the next base and determining how you will slide into the base.
Step 4
Crouch low to the ground as you approach the base and begin your slide into the base. Extend one leg fully toward the base. Cross the other leg under the knee area of the extended leg to provide cushioning as you hit the ground at the beginning of the slide.
Step 5
Position your foot in line with the base as you slide. Maintain contact with the base as your body's momentum carries you into the base.

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