Monday, January 9, 2012

Important Boxing Rules

The sport of boxing requires speed, quickness, athleticism, punching power and the ability to absorb a punch without getting hurt. It also requires a knowledge of the rules. While punching in a straight-ahead manner is required, throwing punches to the back of the head or while holding your opponent is illegal.
Length of Fights and Rounds
At the professional level, boxing matches are scheduled to go anywhere between four and 12 rounds. Fights between boxers who are inexperienced likely will last for four, five or six rounds. More experienced fighters take part in 10-round boxing matches. Championship matches last either 10 or 12 rounds. Amateur fights usually go three rounds. Each round in an amateur or professional fight lasts three minutes.
In most states--boxing is regulated by commissions in each state--the three-knockdown rule is in effect. That means that if one fighter is knocked down three times in a round, the fight is over and that fighter has lost by technical knockout. The reasoning behind this rule is that if a boxer gets knocked down by three separate punches, he is no longer able to defend himself and is in jeopardy of getting hurt badly if he gets hit by another punch or combination.
A fighter who is knocked down in the final seconds of a round cannot be saved by the bell. If the referee starts his count for a fighter who has been sent to the canvas with five seconds to go in the round, the referee will continue to count until the fighter has picked himself up. If the referee gets to 10 and the fighter has not picked himself off the ground, the fight is over as a result of a knockout.
Illegal Punches
Rules prohibit fighters from throwing illegal punches. An example of an illegal punch is one that lands below the belt. The fighter who receives such a punch will be given extra time to recover, and if the punch was ruled intentional, the fighter who threw the punch will be penalized by one point. You cannot hold your opponent and hit him. You also cannot hit your opponent with the side of your hand to the back of the head. This is known as a rabbit punch.

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