Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Illinoise Kickboxing Info

Those interested in kickboxing will find plenty of options for classes, competitive training programs and competitions in Illinois. From kickboxing for fitness to various Asian methods to kickboxing competitively, Illinois has many gyms and martial arts centers that will train you.
Those who are interested in exploring kickboxing in Illinois for fitness and cardio workout techniques have many options. The Keller's Martial Arts facility in Old Irving Park has produced numerous state and regional champions and offers kickboxing classes, as well as classes in martial arts. The kickboxing classes focus on cardio, fitness and body shaping, giving you a workout while also teaching self-defense techniques. Also, the D3 Bootcamp in Chicago provides boot camp-style kickboxing classes with a focus on cardio workouts and abdominal work.
If you're looking for a kickboxing program that teaches self-defense techniques, the No Joke Martial Arts Center in Rockford may be for you. This facility offers classes for regular kickboxing, muay thai, self-defense kickboxing and children's kickboxing. Also, Keller's Martial Arts Center incorporates self-defense techniques and training into its kickboxing courses.
Other Methods
There are many different styles of kickboxing cultivated from methods in other countries. The EKF Martial Arts facility in Chicago specializes in sanshou kickboxing, based on Chinese military techniques. Training here is conducted with safe equipment, and the EKF eventually drafts students into competitions.
Also, the No Joke Martial Arts Center in Rockford offers courses in muay thai, based on the style of kickboxing in Thailand. Classes here teach students the basic techniques of strikes and defenses, and instructors help you attain your goal in terms of fitness, defense or competitions.
Intense Training
For those who wish to train in order to compete, the POW! Mixed Martial Arts Training center in Chicago may fit your goals. With several types of kickboxing and muay thai classes, the POW! Center offers a well-rounded and intense training program that will prepare students for serious competition.
Kickboxing is a strenuous sport, and in order to do your best, you'll have to eat the right diet, stay hydrated and get enough sleep. The right diet will be low in fats and high in proteins. It is best you drink at least eight glasses of water per day, otherwise you'll suffer from muscle soreness and fatigue. It is also suggested you stay away from caffeine and alcohol.

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