Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to Train for Golf in Winter?

There are more than 28 million American golfers over the age of 6, according to Idaho Golf. Inclement weather forces many of these athletes to put down their sticks each winter. Each spring, golfers dust off their clubs and spend months getting back in shape before winter sends them back indoors again. Stop the decline in your golf skills and charge back onto the fairway each spring by developing a training program for the winter.
Repetitive Drill Training
Improve fine motor skills by engaging in repetitive drill training exercises. You can practice many drills inside your home using your golf clubs. For example, practice chipping a penny off a mat. According to Golf Training Stuff Inc., this drill teaches you to hit the bottom of the ball, eliminating topped shots. Swing a wet towel to get a sense of the proper rhythm needed for a powerful golf swing. Move the towel quickly enough so that it never goes limp. This drill reinforces proper tempo and encourages you to fully swing through the ball.
Improve your putting skills through hours of winter practice. Purchase an electronic putting game or simply position plastic cups on the floor to serve as golf holes. Position several cups at various distances from a putting line and try to put as many balls into cups as you can in one minute. Practicing with your putter during the offseason preserves the skills you cultivated on the greens during summer.
Plastic Balls
Practice chipping and putting plastic golf balls around your house, using household furniture as a course complete with hazards. For example, learn to chip plastic balls from the floor onto an imaginary circle on the couch, or try putting the ball from one end of the house to another in as few strokes as possible.
Film Yourself
Film yourself swinging a golf club or practice in front of a mirror. Of course, you will have to do this in an empty room with high ceilings, like a gymnasium, warehouse, storage facility, basement or barn. Film yourself from different angles to better visualize problem areas, like lifting your head or losing control of the clubhead during your swing. Compare your form with video of professional golfers. Pay close attention to your stance, both before and during your swing.
Strength and Flexibility Training
PGA Tour states that it takes mobility, flexibility, strength, stability and power to efficiently execute a powerful golf swing. You might lose these attributes during a sedentary winter, making your reintroduction to golf more difficult the following spring. Maintain pliability and muscle tone by engaging in strength and flexibility training, like working out with weights and taking yoga classes.

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