Friday, January 13, 2012

How to Train for Boxing?

A foray into the world of boxing requires you to become familiar with training methods and equipment, as well as proper technique and physical requirements. A practical understanding of training exercises and boxing equipment will help you on your way to becoming a more accomplished boxer.
Most boxing training areas offer a heavy bag, used to practice punches while providing resistance during workout.The speed bag, a teardrop-shaped bag attached to a circular base, helps you build hand speed and strengthen the shoulders.
Boxing training offers a full body workout. All of the major muscle groups plus the core muscles, smaller shoulder muscles, and the forearm muscles will be used as you box. The speed bag, heavy bag and focus mitts help you become more accurate in your movements. The accuracy gained will ensure that the energy you expend is well used.
The heavy bag will give you a human-sized target to hit and will provide significant resistance to your punches. Jumping rope, a common exercise in most boxing training sessions, helps you work on agility and foot speed.
Boxing is a demanding task. You will be asked to complete fast-paced drills two to three minutes in length. The use of equipment in a boxing workout requires you to be in reasonably good health. If you have any injuries or are under the care of a doctor, seek advice from your primary health care provider before training begins.
Boxing equipment used in training sessions help to mimic motions that will be beneficial to a boxer. The focus mitt, for example, is a small round or oval-shaped glove with a circular target in the middle.The mitt should be attached to a trainer's hand and as it is hit correctly, it will force you to become more accurate with punches.

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