Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to Swing With Left Arm in Golf?

The left arm is vitally important to the success of a proper golf swing. The left shoulder acts as the center of the swing, while the left arm must remain as straight as possible throughout the swing to create proper leverage and torque. The left arm straightens further at impact as golfers explode through the ball, then rolls over as the right forearm covers the left on the release of the club. Ingraining these motions into your swing will produce long, consistent golf shots and, ultimately, lower scores.
Proper Address
Setting the left arm straight at address is a fundamental of the golf swing that leads directly to consistency and better feel at impact. Golfers who bend the left arm or bow the elbow in at address typically struggle with consistency and power. According to PGA Professional instruction, the left shoulder is the center of the golf swing, and the left arm should make a straight line all the way down to the wrist, golf shaft and club face at address.
Simple Takeaway
A major flaw in golfers -- that results in a loss of distance and power -- is to bend the left arm on the takeaway. The left arm actually works as a lever that propels the club upward and generates width in the swing on the takeaway and backswing. Golfers are looking to return the club to the address position at impact, but in doing so, they must lag the club behind their hands to generate club-head speed. This requires a straight left arm at all times.
The left arm extends straight down the line on the follow-through. Golfers who flip the left arm up or cut off the natural extension of the wrists and forearms are subject to steering the golf ball, which makes consistent shots very difficult to execute. You should note your club-head position both at impact and immediately after impact. If the club head extends down the target line, and not off to the left or right, odds are that your left arm will follow.
Lead Arm Only
A good drill to improve the positions and the movement of your left arm during the golf swing is to hit golf balls with one arm only. For many golfers, this can be difficult at first, because the left arm is not used to moving in the proper position, nor carrying the entire weight of the golf club. Start with short pitch shots, focusing on keeping the left arm straight and your hands ahead of the club face. Progress to full swings with the left arm only; these are a staple of a professional player's practice regimen.

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