Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to Select Kickboxing Bag?

Practicing your punches and kicks using a kickboxing bag allows you to develop your punching and kicking skills without causing damage to a live opponent. It also allows you to learn your offensive moves without being hit back and suffering the wear and tear that can come with sparring. Performance, durability and stability are all important factors when deciding the best kickboxing bag to use. Train with a coach or partner who can time rounds of work and give you feedback on technique.
Century Body Opponent Freestanding Heavy Bag
The Century Body Opponent Freestanding Heavy Bag gives you a lifelike target to punch and kick. This kickboxing bag is composed of high-strength Plastisol and filled with urethrane foam for durability. The height of the target torso can be adjusted to suit different users or help you prepare for a specific opponent. The idea of a target torso allows you to hone your punches and kicks on specific body parts with lifelike accuracy. The torso is mounted on a durable plastic base. The base fills with 270 lbs. of sand or water to hold the heavy bag in place. The Century Opponent Freestanding heavy bag is available in sporting goods online and sources such as Amazon. It retails for around $300 as of July 2010.
Moose Mountain Sports Zone Kickboxing Trainer
The Moose Mountain Sports Zone heavy bag is composed of inflatable heavy-duty vinyl and comes with high-quality speed bag gloves. A durable, water-filled base provides stability to this kickboxing bag. The bag incorporates training programs that light up targets for you to hit. It requires three AA batteries to power the program, and an electrical system will track your score and performance. This heavy bag is available from sporting goods stores including Dick's Sporting Goods and Toys R Us. It cost around $100 as of July 2010.
Everlast 4008 80-Pound Traditional Heavy Bag
The Everlast 4008 is the traditional, hang-from-the-ceiling style heavy bag. It weighs 80 lbs, giving it stability, and is composed of Nevatar, a tough, leatherlike, vinyl material designed to stand up to heavy beatings. The bag comes with a chain attachment to hang from a heavy bag stand or ceiling attachment. Reviewers on the Exercise Equipment Reviews website explain this bag has great durability. Galt named the Everlast 4008 as the best punching bag on the market. This kickboxing bag is available from a online sporting goods outlets. It ranges from $90 to $130 as of July 2010.

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