Monday, January 9, 2012

How to Select a Boxing Class for You?

Boxing is a popular sport throughout the world that requires an extremely high level of physical fitness and mental discipline. Boxing classes are used by beginners who wish to pursue the sport, or by some who wish to use boxing as a method of improving physical fitness, without ever participating in a fight.
Beginners boxing classes include cardiovascular and strength training, in addition to work on the fundamental boxing skills. Running and skipping are popular forms of boxing training that build stamina and help with weight management. Boxing skills training for beginners will involve footwork and punch training. Skipping and ring work will teach footwork. Punch training is done by beginners with the use of pads, a speed bag or a heavy bag. Beginners boxing classes will rarely feature contact fights until fighters are sufficiently trained to compete.
David Robson is a fitness author for the website and an accredited personal trainer. Robson says that a typical boxing training session stimulates all muscle groups, and provides the perfect combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The boxing training session improves every type of physical fitness: strength, power, coordination, aerobic fitness and endurance.
All beginners boxing classes should be preceded by a thorough warm up and stretching. The intense physical demands of a boxing training session can lead to muscle strains and pulls if a boxer does not warm up properly. A cool down and stretching routine should also be conducted after every training session. If any kind of sparring is done a boxer must have the correct safety equipment such as gloves and head gear. The sparring should be supervised by a professional boxing trainer to avoid a beginner suffering injury from a fight.
Expert Insight
Beginner boxers must decide what their end goals are. If it is exclusively physical fitness training they should schedule sessions with the assistance of a boxing trainer, and regularly execute the exercise routine. Diet is an important factor in any physical fitness improvements that may occur. A healthy diet high in carbohydrate will maximize the impact of a boxing training program. Professional boxing trainer Ross Enamait states that if a beginner wishes to go on and become a competitive boxer, he must incorporate a high ratio of boxing skills training and pad work into his routine.
Attending beginners boxing classes could be a daunting experience. Try and get a friend to attend with you, or seek out assistance from a qualified boxing trainer. Accept all constructive feedback from the trainer, and do not step into the ring for a contact fight until you feel comfortable with your ability to punch and defend yourself.

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