Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to Reduce Shoulder Tilting in Golf?

Unwanted tilt in the shoulders during the golf swing will throw off the orientation of the upper body, preventing a consistent spine angle and making it virtually impossible to keep the club on the proper swing path. Following the principles put forth in some basic drills will help keep your shoulders in the right position through the entire swing.
Shoulder Angle at Address
It's important to know that the shoulders are not intended to be level during the setup to the swing. Legendary golfer Ben Hogan writes that the back shoulder--that is, the shoulder farthest from the target--will be slightly lower than the leading shoulder because the rear hand will be positioned lower on the golf club. The slight backward angle of the spine that occurs as a result of this shoulder orientation is a key position that should be maintained through the backswing.
Wall Drill
Jerry King, the head teaching pro at the Kapalua Golf Academy in Hawaii, suggests a drill for maintaining your shoulder orientation and spine angle. Take your golf stance without a club so your backside is against a wall. Hold your hands together in a clapping position, then make half a backswing using only your right hand. Keep your left hand in place. Initiate the downswing motion, and bring your right hand together with your left in a clap. As you make this swinging motion, keep your backside in position so that it brushes the wall as you swing back and through. The left arm remaining in place will help to maintain proper rotation around the spine angle and avoid shoulder tilt.
Two-Club Drill
Golf instructor Carl Rabito, of Orlando, Fla., points out that hips sliding away from the target on the takeaway will have the effect of tilting the shoulder toward the target in what is known as a reverse pivot. Rabito recommends a drill that requires two extra clubs and a friend to help. Assume your position at address with the friend behind you holding one club against your left hip and another against your left shoulder. Take a backswing and try to keep the left hip against the lower club while the left shoulder rotates away from the club held against it. This drill will help you keep your left knee flexed and properly rotate your upper body.
Shoulders in the Downswing
Ben Hogan describes the way in which the proper shoulder orientation can be disrupted when the downswing is initiated by the shoulders and arms. Instead, he writes, the downswing should be started by driving the hips toward the target. The unwinding of the upper body follows this lower body move and allows for a downswing that doesn't compromise the integrity of the spine angle and shoulder orientation.

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