Monday, January 16, 2012

How to Reduce Golf Flipping Wrists?

For many amateur golfers, flipping their wrists through impact leads to many problems including a loss of power and accuracy. Flipping your wrists also makes it extremely difficult to make solid contact as you come into the ball, which can cause you to skull or chunk your shot. There are several simple drills that can be done to help the amateur golfer focus on his wrists throughout the swing and eliminate flipping the wrists at impact.
Left Wrist Position
At impact, the left wrist (for right-handed golfers) should mirror the position it was at during your setup. Additionally, your left wrist should bow at impact and be facing the target instead of breaking down, which occurs when the wrist unhinges too early. When swinging back, focus on your wrist’s position at the top of the backswing and make sure that it mirrors the position at impact. This will put you in the proper position at the top of the swing to make a solid downswing and make proper contact through impact.
Wrist Hinge
During a proper swing, the wrists should not unhinge until well after impact. Golfers often attempt to scoop the ball in order to add trajectory. However, proper trajectory is achieved by hitting down on the ball, which can only be done by playing the ball in the back of your stance and taking a divot after impact. To practice this, focus on hitting down on the ball and taking the divot a couple of inches in front of where the ball is at address. If you do not take a divot that is out in front of the ball, it is likely because you flipped your wrists through impact.
Focus on Punch Shots
An effective drill to do if you have trouble keeping your wrists from flipping through impact is to hit only punch shots on the range, focusing on keeping the shaft leaning forward through impact. Take out a 7-iron and play the ball well back in your stance with the shaft leaning forward and your hands closer to the target than the ball. Focus on keeping the forward lean in the shaft through impact without ever unhinging your wrists. The result should be a low shot that helps ingrain the feel of keeping your left wrist straight through impact.
Chipping and Pitching Drills
A classic problem for amateurs involves flipping the wrists on chips and pitch shots in order to help the ball get into the air. On pitch and chip shots, focus on keeping the loft on the club face the same at impact as during address. The loft that you set at address should be the same throughout the swing -- at the top of the backswing, at impact and at the end of the follow-through.

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