Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to Reduce Arm Stiffness in Judo?

Judo is a form of cardiovascular training and overall strengthening. Along with the many benefits of judo come some downers such as injuries and joint or muscle pain. Many of the moves in judo involve your arms, so it is possible to develop muscle spasms, cramps or stiffening in the arms while partaking in this form of martial arts.
Judo Identification
Judo is a Japanese word meaning "The Gentle Way." This style of self-defense is largely based on techniques taken from jujitsu. Dr. Jigoro Kano, president of the University of Education in Tokyo, Japan, developed judo in 1882. Judo is most known for its throwing techniques and techniques for controlling your attacker while on the ground. A person who practices judo is called a judoka.
Warm-up Stretching
Aspiring judoka might want to start employing stretches in their everyday training routine. Those who are athletic might not have a problem with becoming stiff during many of the arm-throwing routines; however, muscle stiffness because of long periods of inactivity might occur. According to the University of Notre Dame website, judo improves flexibility, speed, coordination and cardiovascular strength. Simple stretches such as lifting your arms into the air and lowering them back to your sides slowly can help warm up your muscles and prevent injury.
Causes of Stiff Arm
Aside from inactivity, a stiff arm or muscle spasms in the arm can be caused by diet deficiency, exercising too much, stress and nerve damage. Having weak muscles or an injury during judo that involves a nerve leading to a muscle might cause a stiff arm or muscle twitching. Dehydration also can lead to muscle spasms. In any form of martial arts or contact sport, you run the risk of injury, with the most injuries coming from pulled muscles, dislocated joints or broken bones. Frozen shoulder, the result of trauma or inflammation to the shoulder area of the body, can cause decreased motion in the shoulder, pain and stiffness.
The only way to know for sure what is exactly causing your arm stiffness is to see a physician. Warm up before going into your routine and drink plenty of fluids before beginning to minimize injury and dehydration. A stiff arm accompanied with pain and popping sounds should be examined by a health-care professional immediately.

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