Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Lose Extra Holiday Calories?

Those extra holiday calories add up to weight gain if you don't take a proactive approach to burning them. Instead of waiting for January 1 to start a diet and exercise program, get going on you effort right after the holiday is over. Increasing your calorie burn and decreasing your post-holiday calorie consumption helps you lose any extra pounds. These healthy habits erase the guilt of overeating at the holiday parties and gatherings.
Step 1
Drink water instead of eggnog and alcoholic beverages, which are common during the holidays. The water also helps you feel full faster.
Step 2
Throw away any leftover holiday treats like cookies or pies. Keeping the temptations around the house increases the chances of indulging and eating too many calories. Share them with friends or donate unopened treats to a shelter.
Step 3
Stock your home with healthy, whole foods once you clear out the unhealthy holiday leftovers. Keep healthy foods handy.
Step 4
Exercise now that the hectic holidays are over. Regular exercise helps you burn more calories than you consume, which leads to weight loss. Exercise also helps you relieve stress and stay healthy overall.
Step 5
Track your food consumption to allow you to control your calorie intake. Allow yourself occasional indulgences so you don't feel completely deprived after all the holiday treats are gone.
Step 6
Practice relaxation techniques like yoga and visualization to help relieve the stress leftover from the holidays. Lowering your stress levels helps you avoid impulse eating.

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