Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to Learn Boxing Online?

Boxers have to work out and spend significant time in the gym to have a chance to be successful in the ring. You need to have a plan while training and you can go online to find a basic training plan that will allow you to advance in your sport. Boxers need to train to get stronger, quicker, faster and build endurance.

Sports Fitness Advisor
The program offered by Sports Fitness Advisor focuses on building endurance for the boxer. This is vital to success, because boxers quickly find out that moving around in the ring during a three-minute round can be exhausting work if conditioning is issue. When you are deep into a long fight, a talented fighter can get destroyed if he is not in proper condition. The Sports Fitness Advisor program features aerobic and anaerobic exercises for conditioning, and also offers a variety of articles on boxing-related activities.
Despite the specificity of its name, offers conditioning programs for athletes in all sports to follow, including boxing. It is not just the domain of bodybuilders. offers a clear and concise program for boxers to follow that includes all aspects of training. The boxing program includes jumping rope, shadow boxing, speed bag work, heavy bag work, weight training and running. It includes specific examples on exercises to do in each of these areas. Working on all of these areas are necessary to become a successful fighter.
Ross Boxing
Ross is an essential website for anyone interested in boxing. It has a series of informative and well-written articles on all aspects of boxing, including specifics on hitting the speed bag, hitting the heavy bag, conditioning for the ring and strategy. Former professional boxer and trainer Ross Enamait offers a comprehensive look at the sport from an insider's point of view. All articles and training routines are written from the perspective of helping the reader gain knowledge and insight into the sport.
Expert offers advice and strategies in all areas of boxing and sparring. No matter what program you follow when you train for boxing, you must put your skills to the test by getting into the ring and sparring against an opponent who should have about the same level of experience as you have. You will wear protective head gear and other protective equipment, but you are trying to throw hard punches and so is your opponent. The process of sparring can go a long way towards ridding yourself of the fear of getting in the ring against another fighter. It is vital to do this no matter how much training you are doing and what kind of condition you are in if you want to become a competitive fighter.

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