Monday, January 16, 2012

How to Increase Power of Left Hand in Boxing?

The history of boxing has shown that fighters who can deliver power punches with either hand are usually the most dangerous men in the ring. Joe Louis was known for his two-handed, devastating power. Rocky Marciano's straight right-hand was his knockout punch but he could punish opponents with his hard left hand. Joe Frazier's overpowering left hook allowed him to rule the heavyweight division during the late 1960s and early 1970s and he used it to topple Muhammad Ali in their heavyweight unification title fight in March of 1971. Developing a hard left hand punch can turn a good fighter into a great one.
Step 1
Punch the speed bag every day you go to the gym and practice your boxing skills. The speed bag will help you develop a crisp left jab. The left jab is probably the most important punch in boxing when it is throw correctly because it allows you to throw combinations and it sets up harder punches that follow. Hit the speed bag for three minutes at a time to develop your left jab.
Step 2
Drive hard punches into the heavy bag. This is important when it comes to developing power in your opposite hand. You will quickly learn that to move the 75- to 100-pound heavy bag with your left fist, you are going to have to get your full body behind the punch. The blow must start in your legs and you must use your hips, core muscles, chest, shoulder and left arm to develop power with your left hand punch. Use both hands when throwing punches at the heavy bag to improve your timing and balance in the ring.
Step 3
Improve your quickness by hitting the floor-to-ceiling bag when you train. The floor to ceiling bag is stretched on a thick elastic band that is anchored on the floor and extends to the ceiling. The hitting area of this bag looks like an underinflated basketball and is usually positioned midway between the floor and ceiling. When you strike this bag, it will often rebound undpredicatably. To hit it squarely you must be balanced at all times. Having balance when you throw a hard left will give you knockout capabilities.
Step 4
Spar at least twice a week when you are training. It's one thing to practice on the speed bag, heavy bag and floor-to-ceiling bag, but it's quite another to throw punches inside a ring against an opponent who wants to hit you with hard punches. Step inside when your opponent throws roundhouse punches and deliver hard left hand punches to the midsection and the head.

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