Monday, January 16, 2012

How to Improve Your Golf Slicing?

For amateur golfers, the dreaded slice can be one of the most difficult shots to control on the golf course. For right-handed players, the slice curves from left to right and often makes shots go offline and also results in shots that are short and well right of the intended target. Luckily, there are numerous drills that can help you straighten your slice shots and hit shots that are on line with the target.
Strengthen Your Grip
One major reason that golfers lose their shots to the right is that their clubface is open at impact, which sends the ball right with spin that will make it sail even further right. To fix this, turn your top hand clockwise for a right-hander so that more of the back of your hand is showing when you look down. Strengthening your grip allows you to close your clubface easier at impact, which will send your shots straighter.
Flatten Your Swing
Having a swing that is too upright results in cutting across the ball from an outside-to-in swing path, which causes an open clubface at impact. Learning how to flatten the plane of your swing will enable you hit the ball from an inside path and result in the ball flying straighter. To help ingrain that feel, take practice swings with the swing only going waist-high. To swing normal, you'll have to bend the hips more than usual, which will help ingrain the proper swing path and the proper release of the club after impact.
Focus on the Right Arm
Another element that is important in ingraining a closed clubface and proper release in your swing involves focusing on the right arm during the swing. One way of focusing on the right arm is to practice your backswing without a club, leaving your left hand stationary at the setup position while your right arm goes back. Return your right hand to impact by slapping your left hand as you move through impact and into the follow through.
One-Arm Swings
Another way to ingrain the proper release with your right arm in order to reduce your slice involves hitting shots with just your right arm. Doing this will force you to make a full release through impact in order to have enough strength to hit the shot. This involves rotating your wrists through impact which will help close the clubface at impact and help you reduce your slice.

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