Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Get Good Weight for Wrestling?

Wrestlers don't need to worry about losing 3 pounds over the course of a month or so. Their workouts are so rigorous that it's easy to do with a little attention to diet. Where wrestlers have trouble is when they still have to lose 3 pounds to make weight for a match less than a week away. In those cases, an athlete needs to resort to more extreme methods, which aren't advisable except as a short-term, emergency measure.
Step 1
Weigh in several times per day on the medical scale your team uses for making weight. Weighing in so often isn't advisable for long-term weight loss, but you're concerned at this point with all fluctuations that might change your weight, even such factors as the physical weight of your meal.
Step 2
Cut back on your meals starting four days before the match. Don't stop eating, just reduce the volume and weight. If you must skip a meal, skip dinner. Breakfast and lunch are more important to your performance in school and on the mat.
Step 3
Begin restricting your water intake 24 hours prior to weigh-in. Water weight is where you'll lose 3 pounds in time for weigh-in, and within 24 hours you can't count on passing the water in time to make weight. Sip water from time to time to ease discomfort, and check in with your coach regularly to make sure you follow this step safely.
Step 4
Do a cardiovascular workout, like running or jumping rope while wearing heavy sweats, on the evening before your match. This will make you sweat out water, resulting in water-weight loss. Weigh yourself every hour or so and sip a little water as you do so. Quit and go to bed when you have about a half-pound to go.
Step 5
Weigh yourself when you wake up. You'll likely find that you've lost a half-pound or more as you slept.
Step 6
Work out in your sweats again before going to school, or during your lunch breaks and gym class. Sip water periodically. Stop when your body weight is about 1 pound below your allowed weight.
Step 7
Gather food and water you've brought for eating after weigh-in. Hold some in your hands as you weigh yourself so the total weight on the scale is equal to your allowed weight for competition.
Step 8
Eat the food and drink the water you were holding, slowly and over the course of the day. At this point, it's the physical weight of the food that matters. This much food, and no more, will give you fluids and energy without risking your weight.

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