Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Exercise for Your Baseball Game?

Youth baseball exercises are designed to make the game easier for the players, and one of the keys to improving is learning how to stay balanced while hitting, running the bases and throwing. Young players can take advantage of several drills and exercises that can help them keep their balance on the field.
Athletic Cone Exercise
Many young players have a fear of the baseball when standing in the batter's box. Instead of stepping toward the pitcher when the pitch comes in, they step toward third base -- when right-handed -- and they end up reaching for the ball. This causes them to lose their balance. If they do manage to hit the ball, it lacks power. Place an athletic cone behind a hitter's front foot. This will prevent the hitter from backing away -- or stepping in the bucket -- and force him to step forward when hitting. This will make him a more balanced and dangerous hitter.
Throwing Relay
Catching and throwing the ball without stopping can cause a young player to lose balance. The throwing relay will help a youngster improve his footwork and balance. Line up six players down the left field foul line and six more more down the right field foul line. They should be evenly spaced from home plate to the foul pole. Give a baseball to the players standing at home plate. On your signal, that player throws to the first player up the line. That player catches the ball, wheels and throws to the next player in line. Keep going in this manner until the last player has the ball and then return it back to the starting point. Each player must keep her balance as she catches and then wheels and throws. This will improve defensive balance.
Pitching T Move
Young pitchers have a hard time keeping their balance, and that keeps them from throwing with accuracy and power. The T move help pitchers feel more comfortable when preparing to pitch. Have the pitcher stand on the mound and extend both arms to resemble the letter T. After standing in that manner, have the pitcher pick up his front leg. Have the players attempt to stand on one leg in T position for 10 seconds. This will help improve mound balance.
Baserunning Drill
Running the bases is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the game. That's especially true for young people who must be taught how to hit the inside corner of the bases. The runners must be taught to push off the corner of the bases so they take the fastest route around. Youngsters tend to hit the top of the base when running and that pushes them into a longer and rounder route around the bases. Stepping on the top of the base will cause the base runner to lose balance and speed. Hitting the inside corner will help the runner move quicker and with more security.

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