Monday, January 16, 2012

How to Develop Good Backswing Triangle in Golf?

A common bit of advice for golfers when it comes to maintaining the proper position of arms and body during the backswing is to envision the arms and chest forming a triangle from the address setup to the top of the takeaway. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this approach is that it effectively reduces the degree to which you must focus on different parts of your body to make a good backswing.
Step 1
Assume the address position without a ball. Grip the club in your fingers -- not palms -- making sure to keep hands and wrists pliable. Form the long triangle incorporating both your arms
Step 2
Take the club back slowly by rotating your upper body away from the target. Maintain the triangle by keeping your hands and arms directly in front of your torso during the takeaway. Allow your wrists to hinge naturally while keeping your elbows close together.
Step 3
Allow your right arm to fold under as you near the top of the backswing, keeping the right elbow close to your body. Continue to keep your two elbows as close to one another as you comfortably can during this portion of the swing. Repeat this slow takeaway until you can consistently find these positions.
Step 4
Set up over a ball and execute the triangle takeaway. Unwind from the position at the top and hit the ball. Continue to hit balls until you can use the triangle takeaway and make consistent contact with the ball.

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