Monday, January 16, 2012

How to Become a Good Golfer?

Practice is not going to make you a perfect golfer -- there is no such thing. Becoming a better golfer is very possible. Lowering your scores takes plenty of practice in all areas of the game. Working on the tee shot is a good place to start, but golfers must also practice hitting irons on and off the fairway, chipping and putting. Video review is the best way to track your progress.
Range Rover
Spending as much -- or more -- time at the driving range than on the course helps make you a better golfer. Every club but the putter can be utilized at the range, and a different approach is needed when working through the bag. The range session starts with the wedge and nice easy swings to get loose. The 9-iron is next, and the progression follows through the lower irons and ends with the woods. Taking extra swings with troublesome clubs is a good way to iron out flaws.
Try and Try Again
Every golf shot is different, and so is every course. Professional golfers use practice rounds to tune up for tournaments, and casual golfers can also benefit from getting off the range and on the course. Playing a practice round is possible during off-peak hours when the course is not backed up. One of the major benefits of the practice round is being able to hit multiple shots with any club that needs extra work.
Video Star
Hitting balls at the range or during a practice round are the best ways to physically work on your game. Watching video is a different form of practice, but taking a step back and viewing your swing on the big screen is an effective way to become a better golfer. Video training is the best way to identify flaws in the swing and set up. The tape can be stopped, slowed down or replayed for instant analysis. Viewing trouble spots on tape and taking the knowledge back to the range or practice round is a popular practice requirement for many competitive golfers.
Green Scene
Making putts is an important facet of golf, and practicing on the office carpet is not the best way to work on the craft. Practice greens are available at nearly every golf course, and even the best putters need to warm up before playing a round. Practicing on the putting green allows you to get a feel for distance and work on accuracy. Reading breaks in the green and judging elevation and decline also takes continued practice.

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