Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to Become a Certified Boxing Instructor?

Between at-home study and in-person workshops, becoming a boxing instructor is an attainable goal with options that suit your learning style. Learn from a recognized boxing professional at his boxing studio in Florida or take the cost-effective option of ordering study materials from the International Sports Conditioning Association. Both options promise the basics of boxing and beyond and guarantee the ability to incorporate boxing into your prospective clients' lives.

The Boxing Fitness Institute
The Boxing Fitness Institute is run by Tony Spain, a boxer with 25 years of experience, a Golden Glove Champion, four-time undefeated Toughman Champion and certified USA Amateur Boxing Coach. In the training program, students receive a marketing manual, training manual, informational DVD, one-on-one consulting, a certificate of completion and membership to the institute. Spain also offers more personalized classes at his home base of Sarasota, Florida, for one-on-one training or group training. An advanced certification is available as well.
International Sports Conditioning Association
The ISCA offers a home study course called Boxing: Basics and Beyond. The course teaches boxing fundamentals in an interval training format that you can include in your workout repertoire and teach to your students. It promises to include a high level of conditioning, training both your anaerobic and aerobic systems in your body. It includes a study manual, video and test. ISCA is a team of trainers and fitness professionals dedicated to improving the health of others through safe and effective exercise programs.
Neither ISCA or the Boxing Fitness Institute require experience in the boxing world or fitness world in general. For at-home study, however, it would be advisable to familiarize yourself with boxing beforehand. Lack of an instructor makes self-studying more difficult, especially when you are learning foreign material. The ISCA certification is good for two years and can be renewed if you have met 15 approved continuing education credits and are CPR certified.
As of February 2011, The Boxing Fitness Institute charges five monthly installments of $47.50 for its program, totaling $237.50. If you choose to visit Tony Spain in Florida for a more personal atmosphere, cost will vary depending on the number of people and number of days you want to train. The ISCA program is $79.95 for at-home study materials and testing. The certification is good for two years and renewal is $50.
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