Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to Become a Boxing Coach?

Between the number of boxers and the growing ranks of mixed martial arts fighters, more amateur and professional fighters are turning to coaching to make a living. Coaching certifications are offered by local boxing committees that educate, test and register prospective boxing coaches, the USA Boxing website explains. Whether you are a seasoned fighter or new to the boxing world, acquiring your certification is essential to providing the best training to your clients.

Coaching Certification
Boxing coaches must receive certification from a local boxing committee sponsored by USA Boxing, the governing body for Olympic-style competition in the United States. Select a committee listed on the USA Boxing website and contact the staff to find out about registration and clinic requirements. For the basic level 1 certification you will be asked to fill out an application and attend a six-to-eight-hour clinic taught by a level 2 official. While many coaches choose to remain level 1 certified, you can take additional classes to increase your certification to level 5, the license required for Olympic training.
Registration and Membership
As of 2011, the fee for becoming a lifetime member of USA Boxing is $2,000, which includes benefits such as being listed on the website. Boxing coaches must recertify with their local boxing committee every 24 months to maintain their coaching certification.
Coaching Basics
Your chief job as boxing coach is to optimize the quality of training your fighters receive. Set realistic fitness goals for your clients, using a number of cardiovascular and strength-training exercise drills designed specifically to bring each fighter to his highest potential during competition. Similar to a personal fitness trainer, your job as boxing coach includes everything from diet monitoring to personal motivation and encouragement.
Certification Liability and Insurance
Every club registered through USA Boxing is given liability coverage from the day of registration onward, the organization's website explains. The club must renew the membership every 12 months in addition to the 24-month recertification to which individual instructors are subject. This insurance covers boxing-related injuries sustained at events and organized practices sanctioned by USA Boxing.

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