Friday, January 13, 2012

How to Be Successful at Gym?

If you're carrying around a spare 5 to 20 lbs., or perhaps even more, you may have finally decided to do something about it -- namely, join a gym or health club to get results. Now you need a systematic approach so you get the most out of your gym membership. This requires more than just changing into sweats and figuring out how to operate the treadmill console. If you've joined a quality gym, the trick to quick results may be as easy as a chat with the gym's fitness director about its accelerated programs.
Step 1
Join the gym's "fat blast" program for quickest results. Spend an hour for each of 10 straight days with fitness trainers working sequentially on "every single modality of exercise," advises Drew Adia, fitness director of the Maryland Athletic Club Harbor East. Expect to burn 500 calories each day as you work with kettlebells, aquatics conditioning, boxing, yoga, bodyweight exercises and plyometrics, which are typically explosive moves involving jumping.
Step 2
Weigh in at the beginning and end of the blast program and have the instructor record your chest, waist, hip, calf and bicep inches. Follow the program's instructions for proper nutrition, eliminating soda, alcohol, chips and sweets, and empty calorie snacking. Plan a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner including fruits, vegetables, lean meats or egg whites, cottage cheese, hummus or soy burgers. Enjoy one or two healthy snacks per day, such as ½ cup of almonds, low-fat peanut butter wraps, yogurt with low-fat granola or fruit with low-fat cottage cheese.
Step 3
Sign up for the gym's "boot camp" as an alternative to a fat-blast program. Perform pushups, squats and situps as directed by your instructor as part of the intensive class which may run an hour twice a week, for two days straight or in some other time configuration.
Step 4
Build on what you learn in your fat-blast or boot-camp program to continue high-intensity workouts. "We want to blast you out in 10 days and set the tone for what your exercise will be in the future so that you understand its benefits," Adia says. "If you are moving, you will get results." Nutrition is the key, he adds: if you go out from your fat-blast or boot-camp program to have cheeseburgers, fries and doughnuts, you won't get the quick results you seek.

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