Saturday, January 14, 2012

How is Boxing Fear Reduced?

Boxing requires a full commitment from its participants. A boxer must get himself in the best shape possible, must work on his skills so he can throw punches with speed and block them with aplomb, and must develop a strategy that will allow him to succeed. One of the factors that all boxers must contend with is fear in the ring. Boxers are concerned with the fear of getting hurt and the fear of getting embarrassed. No fighter can ever get rid of their fears permanently, but learning how to overcome those fears helps a fighter perform at his best.
One of the most important things you can do to minimize the impact of fear when you step into the ring is to prepare. You must get in the best shape you can whether you are fighting at the amateur or professional level. When you box, you are trying to hit your opponent with hard punches and he is trying to do the same to you. Build up your strength, hand-eye coordination, punching power, quickness and endurance. Work with a trainer to develop a strong plan to build up your physical skills by hitting the speed and heavy bags,
Hone Your Technique
Spar with an opponent of similar size and experience before you get into the ring for a competitive boxing match. You will be wearing oversized gloves and protective head gear. Both of these factors can keep you from getting hurt in the ring. Since both of you are still throwing forceful punches, this process will build your skills and your confidence. Once you have sparred with a live opponent, you can use that experience to help you get back in the ring the next time.
Before getting into the ring, picture yourself being successful in your boxing match. Use your mind to your advantage and give you confidence. Picture yourself moving easily around the ring and throwing your left jab with speed and accuracy. Picture yourself throwing crisp combination punches. Picture yourself blocking or avoiding your opponent's punches and then throwing dangerous counter punches. Finally, picture yourself winning the fight. Focusing on your own talents will help you reach your potential and eliminate fear, according to
Controlling Fear
No boxer can eliminate fear completely. But they must control it so it does not sap their energy before a fight begins. All fighters know that if they get hit hard with a punch or a combination of punches, they can be knocked out or hurt badly. However, they also need to believe that if they perform their best, they can defeat their opponent and come out of the fight and earn a victory. Nervousness before a fight can actually help a boxer once the bell rings, according to middleweight boxer Ishe Smith. "The nervousness that comes before a big fight helps your hormones disperse to the right places," Smith told "You need that adrenaline to get in the ring, and execute your boxing abilities. I believe that nervousness, or being anxious, helps you when you are an athlete."

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