Friday, January 13, 2012

How a Good Baseball Fielder Grips Baseball?

Defensive baseball is an often overlooked aspect of the game. Players who can make all the expected plays in the field and don't make errors give their team a chance to stay in the game. Making a hot pick-up in the field is one thing, but throwing it accurately is another. If you are going to throw consistently and accurately, you need to grip the ball properly before you make a strong throw.
Step 1
Place your hand in your glove after catching the ball. Position the baseball with your fingers going across the laces. The purpose of this is to help you throw the ball hard and straight. If you grip the ball with the laces, it will have a tendency to curve.
Step 2
Take the ball out of your glove and bring it back to a point where it is slightly above your ear. The ball needs to be about eight to 12 inches behind your head. Your fingers should be wrapped around the ball firmly. You want the grip to be strong but you don't want it so tight that you are losing circulation in your fingers.
Step 3
Drive your arm toward your target. If you are an infielder and you are throwing the ball to first base, as you get to the release point your fingers should be on top of the ball.
Step 4
Snap your wrist straight down as you release the ball. Your fingers should be pointed straight down at the ground after the ball has left your hand. As you throw the ball, transfer your weight from your back leg -- the right leg if you are right-handed -- to your front leg.

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