Thursday, January 12, 2012

How Can You Lose Weight With Rowing?

Losing 80 pounds is an ambitious goal, whatever your fitness habits. However, if you give yourself enough time and practice diligently, intensive exercise such as rowing is a good way to drop the pounds. Before you begin such a sweeping weight-loss regimen, consult with your doctor to formulate reasonable goes that will help you lose those 80 pounds. If you are overweight or you have joint issues, heart problems or breathing difficulties, ask about alternative fitness recommendations to suit your condition.
Step 1
Row for an hour each day instead of planning to lose a pound of weight during a rowing session. According to Mayo Clinic, one hour of rowing burns about 762 calories, if you weigh 240 pounds. You need a 3,500 calorie deficit to lose one pound.
Step 2
Block training periods into your agenda or calendar during the most convenient times for exercise. Schedule regular rowing practice with your crew if you are rowing as part of a group. Make an alternate routine for irregular times of the year, such as holidays or vacations, and be just as firm about keeping to it as you are to keeping your regular schedule.
Step 3
Record your performance. Note your workout duration and intensity, as well as your weight. Weigh yourself at the same time each day for an accurate measurement of progress.
Step 4
Assess whether your goals have been reasonable. Evaluate whether other aspects of your lifestyle are suffering, or whether you could comfortably increase your training time or intensity. Change your routine as necessary.
Step 5
Create variation in your routine to maintain interest. Supplement rowing with other physical activities that use your full body, such as jogging, swimming or cycling. Create variety within your rowing routine by changing your pace with interval training, or occasional bursts of vigorous rowing during your normal workout.
Step 6
Reward yourself as you achieve your goals, creating incentives that don't interfere with your weight-loss plan. Include plenty of non-food rewards, such as a massages or occasional days off from workouts for favorite activities. Use rowing-themed rewards whenever possible, such as buying new workout clothes or new music to listen to while rowing.

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