Thursday, January 12, 2012

How Can You Lose 5 Pounds a Month?

Setting a goal for yourself to lose 5 pounds of fat per month with exercise is a challenging but achievable goal. It will require you to be diligent about cutting calories, exercising almost every day and finding new ways to sneak in extra calorie-burning activities during your day. Doctor's agree that weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week is within a safe range. One pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories, so with a little bit of math you can figure out how many calories you need to burn each week to burn 5 pounds of fat.
Step 1
Calculate how many calories you should burn daily on average. You'll need to burn 17,500 calories through exercise and activity over the period of one month. This equals an average of 4,375 calories per week.
Step 2
Engage in one hour of vigorous exercise five to six days per week, with one day off for rest every week. You should aim to burn at least 600 calories during each exercise session. According to the Huffington Post, exercises that burn the most calories per hour are running, swimming, biking, cross-country skiing, squash, jumping rope, boxing and rowing. Some intense aerobics and spinning classes can help you to burn upward of 800 calories per hour.
Step 3
Break your exercises up throughout the day. If you don't think you have the stamina to jump rope for one full hour per day, break up your exercise into small chunks performed during the day. For example, instead of jumping rope for one hour at a time, jump rope for 10 minutes six times per day. You'll burn the same number of calories, but your body might feel less physically taxed.
Step 4
Find creative ways to burn extra calories. Walk everywhere that you need to go and you'll burn hundreds of extra calories along the way. A brisk 10-minute walk burns 100 calories. Performing chores around the house for 30 minutes also burns 100 calories. Combining an active lifestyle with regular exercise will help you burn the calories needed to lose 5 pounds in one month.

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