Saturday, January 14, 2012

High School and Class A Football

Rooting for your high school football may be a tradition in your town or among your family and friends. Long after graduation, many individuals continue to support their former high schools during football season. All high school football teams may have been in the same division when you attended high school, but many states have now divided their high schools into classes, such as Class A.
High School Football
High school sports can help you make friends, gain confidence and challenge yourself, according to In most high school leagues, the competitive football season occurs during autumn. Your coach may require you to participate in conditioning programs and other practices in the winter, spring and summer. The procedures and rules in Class A football are not necessarily different from those in regular football. In some states, high school athletic teams do not compete against all other teams in their states. Instead, they only compete against teams in their own class, such as Class A.
Description of Class A
In high school sports, each state has its own governing body to make rules and oversee playoffs. Some states, such as Georgia and Oklahoma, divide participating high schools into classes. Each bracket for the state championships includes only schools within the same class. Classes may be based on factors such as the number of students attending the high school or past performance of the football team can affect the high school’s classification. Class A football teams may be from larger schools or have more competitive players than other classes.
Potential Advantages
A benefit of dividing high school football teams into classes is the opportunity for more state championship tournaments. If Class A football is for smaller schools in your state, you might not have had the opportunity to participate in or win a championship without the class system. Playoff games can motivate you to train harder and further develop your skills. Championships should be fairer because opposing football teams are from similarly ranked schools or schools of comparable student populations.
A potential disadvantage of Class A football is that you may not get to play against teams from other classes. Winning a state championship in Class A football may not feel as satisfying as winning a state championship in a state without class divisions. Class A football teams may be placed into another class the next season if the state changes the classification system. Consult the governing body for high school sports in your state for information about the structure and classification of local high school sports.

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