Sunday, January 15, 2012

Good Twitch Muscle Exercises for Golf Players

Golf requires a combination of fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers and muscle strength, speed and endurance to be played efficiently. While golf also requires mental strength and athletic skill, one area you can improve at home is your muscular system.
Slow-Twitch Fibers
Your slow-twitch muscle fibers are one type of skeletal muscle tissue. Skeletal muscles are your endurance muscles. They allow you to walk for hours during your golf game. Many of the slow-twitch fibers are located next to your spine, which enables you to stand for hours without feeling sore or tired. Called slow twitch because the muscle fibers contract slower than others, the muscles contain many energy producing cells to sustain your activities.
Fast-Twitch Fibers
The fast twitch muscle fibers are the other fiber type. They are divided into two types, as well. For golf purposes, you use the fastest of the two when you swing the golf club. This movement requires speed and power in the fast-twitch muscle fibers of your upper body. Since the muscles contract quickly, they run out of energy quickly. Fortunately, during a golf swing, you require the use of fast twitch muscles for a short time period.
Endurance Exercise
You spend the majority of your day standing or walking when you golf. This requires the slow-twitch muscle fibers to contract to maintain your upright posture. According to, daily standing practice can improve the ability of your slow-twitch muscles to maintain your posture. Practice standing for 10 minutes and gradually increase your standing time. Watch a movie while standing, set your computer on a higher table so you have to stand to use it or stand while talking on the phone.
Power Exercise
To improve the power of your golf swing and your fast-twitch muscle fibers, use an exercise resistance band. The bands are rubber. The tension in the band increases as you stretch the band, which causes a muscle contraction. Place one end of the band under your left foot if you are right-handed. Stand in a golf swing stance. Hold onto the other end of the band in both hands as if you were holding your golf club. Swing your arms toward your right shoulder as when performing a backswing. Maintain this position as you count to five and then slowly release to start position. Complete five to 10 repetitions. Reverse the placement of the band and complete the same number of repetitions to improve your forward swing.

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