Friday, January 13, 2012

Good Pre-Baseball Game Exercises

College baseball is a burgeoning sport, with the competitive gap being closed between traditionally dominant Southern schools and the competitive powers of the North. Exercise bands are a recent phenomena in the sport, with pitchers and position players alike employing the training aids before -- and during -- contests for the best benefit in stretching and muscle activation.
Arm Strength
In the field, your most valuable asset as a baseball player is your throwing arm. Pitchers use exercise bands to build muscle strength through repetitions, while position players are also looking for power and consistency in their throws. Many baseball players attach the exercise band to a fixed pole, then wrap the other end around their thumb and pinkie finger, covering the hand. They then make a throwing motion -- repeating 10 to 12 times for three sets -- to activate their muscles.
Leg Power
Baseball players run a lot over the course of a nine-inning game -- or in college baseball, two nine-inning doubleheaders. Exercise bands can be useful to activate your leg muscles prior to warm-ups on the field. Like on your back and wrap the band around your foot. Hold the band out in front of you, and stretch your leg as far up as it will go -- making sure it remains straight. Repeat for both legs 10 to 12 times for three sets.
Full Out
The band can be helpful to provide resistance to activate your thigh and hip muscles.These are the useful muscle groups when trying to drive the ball at the plate. Wrap the band around your legs -- preferably at the calves. Double up the band if you have to. Take several shuffle steps laterally both right and left. You should really feel the resistance and the activation of your hip, thigh, leg and calf muscles because the band makes it difficult to move.
Hold and Throw
To build core strength, many baseball players employ the exercise band and medicine ball for pregame warm ups. One player will enter the band and place it around his hips, while the other player will pull the band tight for resistance. Then, the player inside the band will be handed a medicine ball by a third player and toss the ball with a side toss as far as he can while battling the resistance. If a third player is unavailable, you can easily toss the ball against a wall. Switch sides and repeat the drill at least twice to stretch out your core.

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