Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals to Achieve in Kickboxing Training Classes

Your kickboxing training will be improved by taking the best kickboxing class you can find. Students have different fitness goals, so you might benefit more from some teaching styles than from others. Researching the schools in your area is the cornerstone to finding the right kickboxing class for you.
Before looking for the best kickboxing class, first determine your goals. Some people take kickboxing purely for cardiovascular exercise. These people might be more comfortable in a cardio-kickboxing class. Other people wish to train for self-defense and should seek classes that will provide them with the proper training. Still other people will wish to compete in the sport and should look for gyms with lots of sparring to prepare them for the ring.
Remember that not all instructors are right for you. The only way to really find the right instructor and the best kickboxing class is to attend several classes. If not, many instructors will allow you to at least drop in for a single class for free. If a place doesn't feel right, move on. Beyond that, see what kind of individual attention a instructor gives you and how they respond to your questions.
Kickboxing has several styles. Cardio-kickboxing will train you for aerobic exercise, but will not provide you with any self-defense or competitive training. Self-defense kickboxing comes in a variety of styles as well. There is American, European and Japanese-style kickboxing. American kickboxing is close to full-contact karate, Japanese kickboxing is close to muay Thai and European kickboxing is a merger of the first two. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, also known as Thai boxing.
Your classmates are another factor in finding the best kickboxing class. You might find it difficult to train in a place where students are not supportive and encouraging. Again, this is an area where you must attend a class to determine whether the class is right for you. Talk to people in your class when you take introductory or trial classes and see whether you have a good rapport.

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