Monday, January 16, 2012

Function of Left Arm in Golf Swing

Golf is a game of precision, and all golfers want to perform at their best, regardless of ability. The left arm is a focal point of the golf swing, especially during the takeaway, with proper movement and fundamentals required to hit the ball long and straight. The left arm forms a straight line with the shaft down through the clubface at address, then remains generally straight throughout the whole swing.
Fundamental Setup
Setting up the left arm properly is critically important in making a proper golf swing. Many beginning and amateur golfers are beaten before they even make a swing because their fundamentals are poor. The left arm needs to form a straight line from the left shoulder all the way down through the shaft and clubface. This is a fundamentally sound address position that will allow the golfer to take the club away without compensation.
First Back
The first part of the body that should move during the golf swing is the shoulders, not the arms or hands. This is contrary to popular belief but the proper rotation occurs when the shoulder leads the motion. From there, the arms are next to move, with the left arm leading the action. The clubface should be the last piece to move, with the shoulders turned away from the target and the arms leading the swing.
Straighten Up
The left arm remains straight at all times during the golf swing, especially the takeaway. Without a straight left arm, golfers are prone to flipping and scooping and lose the leverage necessary to generate distance and power. On the first quarter of the takeaway, better golfers move the club to a position parallel to their foot line (which is parallel left of their target). The left arm straightens out while the wrists hinge up and down.
Full Out
After the first quarter of the takeaway, the left arm remains straight while reaching up toward the sky. The wrists, after hinging up to the sky, remain stable as the body rotates fully away from the target. This creates the width and leverage needed to lag the club behind the hands, which generates lots of power and positions the club to compress the golf ball. The left arm works as a lever to generate this powerful impact position.

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